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New Year, New You!

Experiencing holiday stress? Overwhelmed by all the holiday plans?
Worried about your holiday appetite? 
Just need to relax?

Ask us about our Holiday Weightloss Program and stress relief treatments! Schedule your FREE consultation with Dr. Meng to learn how to stay healthy, balanced and stress free during this holiday season!

Start off the New Year, with a New You!

Give the Gift of Health &  Wellness To Family & Friends

Gift Certificates available for single/multiple sessions for acupuncture, cupping, mud, and/or moxa treatment!

Medicine Practitioner. Dr. Meng graduated from Shan Dong Traditional Chinese Medicine University in 1996, where she studied acupuncture and other Traditional Chinese Medicine Techniques.

Dr. Meng’s treatment principle is derived from the Traditional Chinese Medicine Concept where it promotes the idea that “We as people must be one with nature, not just simply being part of nature.” Dr. Meng believes in the approach of individualization for each of her patients, using the proper differentiation principle, manipulation techniques, herbs and a nutritional plan to help each of her patients achieve the best possible result.